Choreography of trust

Coming back to life again after our little break you think we would have decided to ease back in slowly? Well not in the slightest! The first project back is HUGE! It will be a long term thing and at this stage we are not totally sure all of the permiations it will form, but thats half the fun.

‘Choreography of trust’ is an international exchange project that will launch an exciting season of collaborative work with a number of women from around the world. The idea grew between two old friends Cat Sivertsen and Sarah Grace Dye who have often experienced parallels in their work from their first meeting until now. With sixteen or so years and more than 4,000 miles between them how is it that parallels are so clear? This is being explored by them both through a mail art exchange over six months culminating in an intensive six weeks together part of which will be a residency at Omenica Arts Centre in Prince George, British Columbia. Along the way they intend to collect other women creating a circle of trust and great experimental work that will extend far and wide. Over all the aims of this project are to encourage and develop bonds between women of all ages and backgrounds from all over our planet who experience very similar life happenings, emotions and daily experiences that can be explored and supported by an innate creative expression. Who knows where this will all end up!’