Place Waste Decent – Paul Hawkins

Having spent three years in the early 1990s occupying properties and protesting in Claremont Road, East London, Paul mapped the run-off, rackets and resistance along the route of the proposed M11 Link Road.

In his publication, “Place Waste Dissent”, Paul uses the voices of Dolly Watson and many others in avant-garde experimental text and lo-fi collage, exploring place, waste and dissent; the stake the Thatcher/Major Tory government drove into the heart of the UK.

Paul will be in residence at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, exhibiting his prints of collage, photography and text.

On Thursday 6 October at 6pm Paul will be at Bank Street Arts, reading selected extracts from his book as well as screening the short film “Blight”. All are welcome to meet the artist.

‘Fire sermons and authentic retrievals for a battleground on the edge of the liminal, delivered with spirit and spite and sting. True witness.’
Iain Sinclair

‘Picture Sesame Street as reimagined by Guy Debord & the set designers for Apocalypse Now.’
Peter Broughton (Minor Lits)